Fiber Optic Internet Providers by Zip Code

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What is Fiber Optics Internet?

Fiber optics is long fibers made of glass that are very thin and almost hair-like in diameter. These fibers are bundled together and are able to transmit data across vast distances at ultra-fast speeds. It is at the cutting edge of today's technology and is set to improve the way everyone communicates.

A true fiber optic connection to the internet goes directly to homes. This is known as fiber to the home (FTTH).

How does Fiber Optic Internet works?

At its most basic level, fiber internet works by sending light signals through a fiber optic cable. Each end of the infrastructure has a device that makes sense or amplifies this signal. This could be a computer, repeater or amplifier.

How to find Fiber Optic Internet Providers by Zip Code?

Fiber Optic Internet availability is limited to select areas due to higher installation cost of running lines and connecting each household to the Fiber Optic network. Seach Fiber Internet service providers by zip code will give you exact list of companies that offers Fiber-optic Internet connectivity in your area.

Enter your zip code to see list of Fiber-optic Internet providers available in your area.